3 11 2009


Sorry for the absence. We just woke up after the CMJ madness. Still exhausted. Have just enough time to get ready for our next mission/grind: the Pacific Standard Tour with our homie Soul Purpose (aka Mazzi), sponsored by the good folks over at Triple 5 Soul. That’s right, Cali heads. Check the gigs:

Friday, November 6

Voodoo Lounge, San Jose, CA—w/Chali Tuna, Mr. Lif, Lyrics Born, Soul Purpose

Saturday, November 7

Toph’s House, Garbervile, CA—w/Soul Purpose

Monday, November 9

Coda Lounge, San Francisco, CA—w/Soul Purpose

In conjunction with our Cali mini-odyssey, we’ll be releasing a new mixtape, also titled Pacific Standard. It will feature some of the exclusive joints we’ve been leaking onlikne recently, as well as new material from us, Jigsaw, Soul Purpose (aka Mazzi), Potluck, Mika Sun, Just One, and B. Swizlo. Check the artwork above.

Check us out on Twitter at Twitter.com/Dujeous for constant updates from the road, and look for more in-depth blogs at www.DUJEOUS.net and Myspace.com/Dujeous.

Stay up,






15 10 2009

Peace y’all,
As the seasons change and the weather starts to become “SO CHILL”, Dujeous is ready to start heating things up. A few new things are happening in the world of Dujeous this fall. First of all, we’re proud to announce the worldwide release of another iPhone App involving Dujeous. One of the most addictive apps for the platform, TAP TAP REVENGE 3 is like Guitar Hero without the guitar. Tap your screen to the beat to become a high scorer, all while listening to the sounds of Dujeous’ single “RESEARCH“. In the past, Tap Tap has partnered with artists such as Lady Gaga and Coldplay, so this is a big look for your favorite rapper’s favorite rap band! Check out a screen shot below, and click to download on iTunes and start playing NOW!


Also for those of you in NYC next week, we’ll be playing at the CMJ Festival on the opening night, TUESDAY OCTOBER 20TH @ SULLIVAN HALL. Word on the street is that we’ll have some special pre-release copies of our upcoming single “SPECTACULAR” F/ SHARON JONES floating around at various events during the festival. There’s a whole lot of dope music happening , so be sure to make your schedule over at CMJ.com NOW.








2 10 2009

DUJEOUS perform “SOMETIMES” & “MISHAP” feat. JIGSAW THE PUZZLER at SKYZOO‘s Release Party for his Jamla/Duck Down LP THE SALVATION live at Santos Party House in NYC.

Skyzoo performs “RETURN OF THE REAL” & ” MY INTERPRETATION” from his Jamla/Duck Down LP THE SALVATION live at Santos Party House in NYC. Featuring DUJEOUS & MELA MACHINKO.

Skyzoo performs “EASY TO FLY” from his Jamla/Duck Down LP THE SALVATION live at Santos Party House in NYC. Featuring DUJEOUS & MELA MACHINKO.


25 03 2009


DUJEOUS @ club nme

22 03 2009

An interview and performance we did for the UK’s Club NME @ The Annex in NYC. Trying to hit the London outpost in the Fall!

DUJEOUS – BLACK IRISH (March 17th Mix)

17 03 2009

As anyone who knows the Duj personally can attest, we take our St. Patty’s Day serious. How serious?

Download the exclusive below and find out.


Click above to download for free
or stream @ myspace.com/dujeous

A few notes on this song’s creation. If you’ve listened to NO CLEARANCE, then you’ve probably recognized the Duj’s affinity for holiday tunes. Well this beer-drinking, parade-watching day seemed lonely, so we had to give it an anthem. St. Patrick’s Day also happens to be my birthday, so I’ve seen it all the way from green cupcakes in school to alcohol poisoning at the parade.

When thinking about what the concept for the track would be, I kept remembering the term “Black Irish”. Now all that really means is an Irishman with Black hair, but it definitely got me thinking about flipping the term differently. Taylormade hit us with a beat that he had produced a while back. The bagpipes and funky bassline were exactly the backdrop we’d needed to get this song going. After telling Rhet & Mas about the idea on Saturday, I got a call from Apex excitedly telling me that he was having a brainstorm. Apex is the Duj’s resident actual-factual Irishman, so of course I had to listen to this idea. “Yo, I’ve got the perfect title for this song…it should be called Black Irish”, he said. “It already is,” I replied. This synchronicity seems to happen a lot in the world of Dujeous, and when it does…it usually means we’re on the right track.

Ape, Mas, Rhet, and I recorded the song Sunday night in Harlem at Mas D’s crib, over a perfect smorgasbord of Popeye’s & Guinness Stout. Before we arrived, Mas D had written his own version of an Irish drinking song that he wanted to incorporate into the recording somehow. We all agreed that it wouldn’t be right to record an Irish drinking song without getting drunk first, and so it began. 5 hours later, I had finished engineering my 1st session ever (sorry for the distortion, D!), and nearly every surface was covered with those brown glass bottles that we know so well. Ape came through with the hook, and we even managed to get D’s long-lost Uncle Schamus on the adlibs at the end. And so in honor of St. Patrick’s day…BLACK IRISH.


And Here’s another bonus! Mas D had a little something he wanted to include in these liner notes…a message from Uncle Schamus himself! (Or something like that.)

Teyk uh sakahnd on this moost owspeeshoos of olydays tu tarn tu yer loovd wun and sahy, “I loov yah!” Spraid a lih-uhl cheer! Drank a coopel bairs! Drass in soom-m grane! Jahyn in, sang the refrain! Hairs tu a loovly St.Patrick’s Day fahr yew ahnd yers!

Bahst wishes! The Duj


Take a second on this most auspicious of holidays to turn to your loved one and say “I love you!” Spread a little cheer! Drink a couple beers! Dress in something green! Join in, sing the refrain. Here’s to a lovely St. Patrick’s Day for you and yours!

Best wishes! The Duj


11 03 2009

Today we’re back with a video for the single “BREAK BREAD” (Dujeous LLC./INgrooves) from our upcoming LP DAY IN DAY OUT . Directed by Andrew Bui & Winnie Ng, and featuring cameos from the band’s actual family members, the clip embodies the song’s message of unity. Pull up a chair to the table…

We’d like to thank our friends and family for coming through to participate in this video. We’re really proud of the outcome, we appreciate the support, and we hope you enjoy it.

To Buy The Single on iTunes, Click HERE

Vodpod videos no longer available.


23 02 2009

This clip is the B-side to our current single “BREAK BREAD” out now on Dujeous, LLC./INgrooves. We shot this on location in Tokyo, Japan & Seoul, Korea while on tour. The video was shot, directed, and edited by Ryan Littman for Everyday Wonders. Taken from Dujeous’ upcoming LP DAY IN DAY OUT (Spring 2009). Single available NOW on iTunes. The Break Bread video is coming soon. Stay tuned for more details.

For more info go to WWW.DUJEOUS.NET

Vodpod videos no longer available.


17 02 2009

Big Shouts to all of the blogs and DJs that have been showing No Clearance so much love. We thought we’d enhance the experience this week with a set of liner notes written to give you some insight into the creation of Dujeous’ latest project. We also shed light on the original joints that we sampled for our adventures in beat-jacking. Hope you enjoy.

1. INTRO feat. Cornelius

The entire time we were recording this album, we had never discussed putting an intro at the start of the project. We just had the vision of rocking the sequence week-by-week, starting with “Into Night.” But Tom P. found this Japanese record by an artist named Cornelius, and we felt that the vibe was a perfect backdrop for the setup. We always take issue with the need to “talk shit” in the intros of our records. If it’s accidental, then fine, but anything else just seems forced. This is basically our response to that. And so… “The Intro.”

Cornelius “Mic Check”

2. INTO NIGHT feat. The Shins (Week 1)

This song got its start in our peoples Cinematic Music’s studio, and it was technically the first track recorded for this project. Originally a Shins joint called “Sea Legs,” Mojo brought the track into the studio and Taylor chopped the beat up, leaving James Mercer’s vocals saying, “Eventually fading into night.” We had the idea that we might use this as a remix, or sequel of sorts, for the title track of our upcoming Day In Day Out album, so we all got in the booth to record ourselves singing the word “Day.” Mas D immediately put down a fire verse. After that we decided that we didn’t want this to be a remix that gets lost in the shuffle, so we let it stand on its own. Fact: Taylor recorded Mo’s verse in a hotel room in Connecticut while they were at the NACA music conference in November, and we released it online a few days later.

Original Song: The Shins “Sea Legs”

3. SO CHILL (Wintertime) feat. The Steve Miller Band (Week 2)

Taylor brought this Steve Miller track called “Winter Time” to the next week’s session, and it was excellent timing. It was that week in November when we had the first crazy cold weather of the year. The sample was describing exactly the feeling of the city at that moment, with everybody gearing up for Thanksgiving later on that week. We were recording up at Mas D’s crib in Harlem, and it was brick as hell outside, so we decided to speak on it. Fact: It turns out that Taylor had used this beat months earlier with Joe Holiday, but the two of them couldn’t decipher what the sample was saying. Their version was titled “So True.”

Original Song: Steve Miller Band “Wintertime”

4. THE MORE YOU FIND OUT feat. The Budos Band (Week 3)

O.G. Dujeous member David Guy is also a member of some of the dopest soul & funk music bands on the scene today, including the Dap Kings & the writers of this track, the Budos Band. Apex brought this track into the studio, Taylor looped and sequenced it up, and Mojo laid down the hook, the question that drives the song: “Why’s it the more you find out, the less you want to know?” All along, Mas D had been searching for the right track to use for an idea of a song that follows an entire conversation in lyrics. He wanted to make sure that there were all of the interruptions and imperfections of an actual conversation. The MCs all wrote entire verses, and then assigned lines to each other in order to act out the scene realistically. For the final verse, Rheturik introduced the cop characters, so we got Tomek to play both roles. It was a cool lyrical exercise, and we sent it over to Tom Brenneck from the Budos Band a couple of days after we finished it up for the Dap stamp of approval. Suggestion: Pay special attention to The Guy’s blistering trumpet solo on the bridge. Ridunkulous.

Original Song: The Budos Band “Budos Rising”

5. UPTOWN feat. Joe Cuba (Week 4)

Taylor made this beat a while back, and it was only right for the Duj MCs to get on this one. An ode to our birthplaces, and a funky slice of tropicalia hip-hop. We’ve been performing this one in our live show since before the track was released. The recently deceased Joe Cuba—rest in peace—says it best: “Uptown, that’s the place…that’s where I was born.” On the outro, all of us randomly shouted out our favorite Uptown landmarks & institutions. Fact: The list includes everything from The Schomburg Museum to Caporal Fried Chicken.

Original Song: Joe Cuba “Tu Lo Sientes?”

6. DON”T SING feat. Dolly Parton (Week 5)

Vince Mancini has been a Duj affiliate damn near since there was a Duj to speak of. An MC in Taylormade’s previous group Higher Circle, Vince is also a crazy talented graphic designer. He’s designed the cover for No Clearance, the single cover for Break Bread, our last mixtape Game 7, and a bunch of other Dujeous products. A few years ago, he moved down to Nashville with his family. One night a couple of months back, Vince sent Taylor a Dolly Parton track to see what he would do with it. Dolly’s a labelmate of ours on INgrooves, so Taylor chopped the track up real lovely. The result was “Don’t Sing.” We felt we had to speak on the wack-ass trend of dudes who can’t sing all of the sudden thinking that they’re Luther Vandross or Phil Collins on the mic. Auto-Tune isn’t always the answer either. We took a page from Dolly and put it simply: “Don’t sing!” Fact: Our favorite part of this track is the very beginning. If you try to add shaker to a track while drunk on cheap beer, this could happen to you. We’re looking at you, Mas D.

Original Song: Dolly Parton “Silver Dagger” (Bob Dylan / Joan Baez cover)

7. SLAY BELLS feat. The Peanuts Gang (Week 6)

At least once every year during the Christmas season, one can surely find most of the Duj drunkenly reciting the lyrics to Run-DMC’s “Christmas In Hollis.” This year we decided to write our own carol. With an assist from the Peanuts Gang, Taylor chopped the hell out of the Vince Guaraldi original from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and came up with the track. Ape jumped on it and played bass and some synthesizer. We got into the Christmas spirit over at Tom P’s studio in BK and laid all of the vocals on the Sunday before we released it. The MCs in Dujeous have known each other since they were in pre-K, and they grew up singing together in a chorus. Fact: The last bit on this track is part of an O.G. Barbara Ames (our elementary school music teacher) arrangement of “Hark How the Bells” mixed with a lot of beer.

Original Song: Vince Guaraldi Trio “Christmastime Is Here”

8. THE RECAP (So Real) feat. Jeff Buckley (Week 7)

Tomek had shown us this Jeff Buckley song years ago with an eye on sampling it for a track. We all felt it was dope, but that maybe the concept of “So Real” had been played out a bit. The timing worked out nicely when we were doing No Clearance, because we wanted to have a track for New Year’s Day to reflect on 2008. It was an eventful year, and we decided to recap all of the things that were “so real” that had occurred—our New Year’s gift for those who had been rocking with us for the previous 6 weeks. Rheturik took a more political approach, Mas D kept it personal, and Mojo addressed the pop cultural milestones. R.I.P. Jeff Buckley.

Original Song: Jeff Buckley “So Real”

9. SUNSHINE feat. John Denver (Week 8)

Before NC popped off, this was a track that Taylor had produced and Mojo had written the original hook for. When we played it for Mas & Rhet, they didn’t like the idea of it being a “girl” song. “Too soft,” grumbled Mas D. So we came up with the idea of separating each verse into a different version of “Sunshine.” Rhet was speaking on a particular strain of weed called Sunshine, Mojo stayed with the female personification of a chick named Sunshine, and Mas D wrapped it up by talking about actual sunshine. We were loving Rhet’s Cali-homage flow for this one, so he set the song off perfectly. Fact: Rheturik’s mention of “where the Jedis and the Ewoks met” refers to the redwood forest near Eureka in Northern Cali. This is where the majority of Return of the Jedi’s action sequences were filmed, and also the final destination of a 2007 Dujeous tour where most of us spent the show officially stoned off of our faces. Peace, Humboldt County. We’ll be back.

Original Song: John Denver “Sunshine On My Shoulders”

10. NO WARS NO CARS feat. Ellen Allien (Week 9)

Tomek had brought us this track early on in the No Clearance sessions, but we kind of pushed it to the back for a while. We recorded this the week that the tape of the Oakland Police killing unarmed 22-year-old Oscar Grant was released. Having grown up in Giuliani’s Manhattan during the ‘90s, this was an all-too-familiar scene. We knew we had to speak on it, but wanted to do something unique. Mas came up with the opening chant, and we just started trading lines from there. We all wrote this one collectively, and recorded in an unusual way. Each verse was kicked by a single MC, and then certain lines were overdubbed by the others to create a rapid-fire back & forth pattern. Apex looped and sequenced the song. This was the first NC session that Ape engineered, and the complexity of the recording had us in the studio (aka Mas’ crib) until the next morning. After Taylor put a mix on it, we released it online as a tribute to Oscar Grant two days later. Fact: Longtime Duj affiliate and ill producer Omen saved this session from being a bust. Just as we started recording we realized that we needed a mic clip and an RCA adapter in order to set up the booth at Mas D’s. We had forgotten them, but luckily O was in a session two blocks away, and had the components we needed. Ape ran down the block and came back with the goods, plus some Popeye’s.

Original Song: Ellen Allien “Wish”

11. 8 Years feat. Mr. Hudson & Dubya (Week 10)

Mr. Hudson is a UK dude who has recently been working with Kanye West and his GOOD Music roster. His debut album with his band The Library was full of dope rock breaks and melodies. Mojo had managed to pick up a copy, and brought it to Taylormade. There was one joint called “One Specific Thing” that had a crazy beat to it. Taylor looped it and we started brainstorming on how we would use it. Mr. Hudson’s lyric “So I packed up my life” was evocative of a long journey. It so happened that that week’s No Clearance track was set to be released on Inauguration Day. So many people were releasing Obama anthems around this time, but we wanted to be different, and thought the hook was a perfect fit for a farewell (and good riddance) song to George W. Bush. We each said our peace, with Mas D actually spitting from Bush’s perspective as he gets booted out of the White House. Taylormade did an amazing job chopping up the samples of the unbelievable things that Dubya had said during his presidency. Can y’all believe that this guy was our president for 8 years? It all seems like a bad dream now, but it’s going to be hard to undo the damage that he caused.

Original Song: Mr. Hudson & The Library “One Specific Thing”

12. INTERNET FRIEND feat. Simon & Garfunkel and EQ (Week 11)

Taylormade produced this track before NC, and Duj fam EQ (Jigsaw The Puzzler & Eddie Hoarse) laid the hook and developed the concept. Since No Clearance was designed as an online project, the track ended up fitting perfectly into the series. The flip of Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” was the icing on the cake. Mas once again took the verse as a roleplay, and wrote a creepy rhyme from the perspective of an e-stalker. “Creeping…”

Original Song: Simon & Garfunkel “The Sound of Silence”

13. MMMM feat. Crash Test Dummies (Bonus Track)

What can we say about this one? This was written in the same session as “Into Night,” and was based on a hit song by the Crash Test Dummies. The humming in the chorus reminded Taylor’s sick mind of a certain, um, technique, and he passed the idea on to Mo and D. The verses came out hysterical. The song had kind of lurked in the background throughout the recording sessions for No Clearance. We knew it would be a great fit for the project, but we didn’t really know when to release it (plus Rhet hadn’t finished his verse yet). Finally, Rhet laid his verse down at Mas D’s, and Taylor also recorded some additional vocals from Mista Vishus & our homegirl Claudette. It was a little over the top at first, but once we settled on a tone the song came together with the quickness. Taylor and Tomek provided the intro & outro for the song respectively. The outro is Sir Richard Attenborough speaking on…well, listen for yourselves.

Original Song: Crash Test Dummies “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm”

14. BREAK BREAD (RMX) feat. The Menahan Street Band  (Bonus Track)

Break Bread is our new single from our upcoming album Day In Day Out (which is due later this year). Since it was released on iTunes in December, we’ve gotten a great response from college radio, fans, and casual listeners alike. Apex brought this track to the sessions with the idea of making a Break Bread remix. The original song is by yet another group that David Guy plays with, the Menahan Street Band. They blew up last year after their amazing “Make The Road By Walking” was sampled by Jay-Z for “Roc Boys (And The Winner Is…).” Their entire album is ridiculous, and this backdrop seemed to be perfect for revisiting the lyrics of Break Bread. Ape had already figured out a new way to sing the hook and even got his T-Pain on, auto-tuning his reference vocals for us to sing along to. The day before No Clearance was released, the MCs got together at Tomek’s studio to record their final vocals over the remix, finally wrapping the project after 13 weeks of writing and recording.

Original Song: Menahan Street Band “The World”  (Vinyl Only B-side to “Make the Road by Walking”)

Available at http://www.myspace.com/dunhamrecords

We want to thank you, the fans, for rocking with us over these last months. We hope that you followed the music as it was released each week, but if not, please enjoy it now in its entirety. Once again, a strong shout of peace to all of the DJs, blogs, and websites that picked up No Clearance or any of the individual tracks from it. We definitely appreciate the support, and we’re going to continue to hit you with new music throughout 2009 and beyond.

What’s that? You didn’t download No Clearance yet? You know you done fucked up, right? Here’s the link:



3 02 2009

This is it yall:
Welcome to the final week of No Clearance.

For the past three months, DUJEOUS has brought you track after track every Tuesday, each featuring uncleared samples from folks like Dolly Parton and the Budos Band, and each available for FREE. But all good things must come to an end. As such, this is the last week of the No Clearance series, and as promised, we’re dropping the entire series of joints from the past 12 weeks, along with a couple of never-heard-before bonus tracks (and some dope-ass artwork). Yes, we’ll be selling No Clearance on CD at shows (including our free NYC show this Saturday), but you can also download it right here (or go to dujeous.net or our Myspace page) for FREE. Without further delay, we proudly present:



Click HERE or on the image above to download for FREE,

Here’s the track listing:

1. Intro feat. Cornelius
2. Into Night feat. The Shins
3. So Chill feat. Steve Miller Band
4. The More You Find Out feat. The Budos Band
5. Uptown feat. Joe Cuba
6. Don’t Sing feat. Dolly Parton
7. Slay Bells feat. The Peanuts Gang
8. The Recap (So Real) feat. Jeff Buckley
9. Sunshine feat. John Denver
10. No Wars, No Cars feat. Ellen Allien
11. 8 Years feat. Mr. Hudson and Dubya
12. Internet Friend feat. Simon & Garfunkel and EQ

Bonus tracks:
13. Mmmm feat. Crash Test Dummies
14. Break Bread (RMX) feat. Menahan Street Band

Download and spread the word. For those who’ve already copped the previously released tracks, don’t fret—we’ve got two dope bonus tracks for you: “Mmmm” featuring Crash Test Dummies, and a brand spankin’ new remix to our hit single “Break Bread,” featuring the Menahan Street Band. (Click HERE to download the original “Break Bread” via iTunes.) And did we mention that it’s all FREE? Of course we did, just wanted to remind you. Click away.


In show news, big shouts to everyone who checked out DUJEOUS last Wednesday at Music Hall of Williamsburg with Nightmares on Wax. For pictures from the show, go the Dujeous blog, areyoudujeous.com .

If you missed us, no worries: Dujeous is rocking a free show this Saturday, February 7th, at Winter Jam NYC in East River Park. It’s a big winter shindig sponsored by the city, Hot 97, and others, with pro snowboarders, cross-country skiing, snow sculptures, sleigh rides, and live entertainment, and it’s gonna be mad fun. The details:

Saturday, February 7th
@ Winter Jam NYC
East River Park
East Houston St. @ the FDR
Event: 11 am –  4pm
Dujeous: 12 noon
For more info:

See you there.

Stay up,

Dujeous crew


29 01 2009


27 01 2009

And now….welcome to Week 11 of No Clearance.

Last Tuesday, DUJEOUS and Mr. Hudson bid a not-so-fond farewell to George W. Bush with “8 Years” (download HERE if you slept). For the second-to-last installment of No Clearance, our series of weekly FREE downloads, DUJEOUS brought Simon & Garfunkel back together to drop:

Click HERE or on the song title above to download for FREE,
or stream below:

Download and spread the word, or you’ll be forced to get one of these haircuts. Big Shouts to Jigsaw The Puzzler on the hook. And get ready for the final installment of No Clearance next Tuesday, February 3. It’s been a fun three months…

See you Wednesday.

Stay up,
Dujeous crew


20 01 2009

It’s a big day, so let’s get straight to it.

Welcome to Week 9 of NO CLEARANCE.

Last Tuesday, DUJEOUS and Ellen Allien let it burn with “No Wars No Cars” (download HERE if you missed out). For this special Inauguration Day edition of No Clearance, our series of weekly FREE downloads, DUJEOUS teams up with GOOD Music signee Mr. Hudson and George W. Bush himself to address today’s historic happenings. Everyone is rightfully excited about Barack coming in, but let’s not forget to enjoy the sight of Georgie going out. DUJEOUS helps him pack with:

Click HERE or on the song title above to download for FREE,

Download, spread the word, and say good riddance to Dubya.


Don’t forget about our show at Music Hall of Williamsburg with Nightmares on Wax next Wednesday, January 28th. The details:

Wednesday, January 28
with Nightmares on Wax
@ Music Hall of Williamsburg
66 North 6th St. (b/t Wythe & Kent)
Brooklyn, NY
8:00 PM
$18 adv/$20

See you there.

Stay up,
Dujeous crew


13 01 2009

And now…welcome to Week 9 of NO CLEARANCE.

Last Tuesday, DUJEOUS and the big homie John Denver warmed you up with different takes on “Sunshine” (download HERE if you stayed in the shade). For this week’s installment in our series of FREE downloads, DUJEOUS and German electronica queen Ellen Allien make a simple request:

Click HERE or on the song title above to download for FREE

Please download and spread the word, or Ellen will stare at you strangely.

And good news about No Clearance: Due to popular demand, we’ve decided to extend the series a few weeks. We originally planned on wrapping it up triumphantly next Tuesday, January 20, on Inauguration Day. But y’all wanted more, and we’ve got more to say. Besides, we don’t wanna, um, steal any of Barack’s shine.



6 01 2009

Welcome to Week 8 of NO CLEARANCE.

John Muthaf*ckin Denver & KTF

Please download and spread the word, or John Denver will gaffle you.

Last time we talked blogged, DUJEOUS and the late legend Jeff Buckley rung in 2009 with “The Recap (So Real)” (download HERE if you missed it). For this week’s installment in our series of FREE downloads, DUJEOUS and OG John Denver (that’s right) wash away those winter blahs with a little…

Click on the song title above to download for FREE



But that ain’t all. DUJEOUS is bringing their 2009 stage show to The Annex this Saturday, January 10. New year, new songs, new bag of tricks…

Saturday, January 10
@ The Annex
152 Orchard St. (b/t Rivington & Stanton)
New York, NY
Showtime: 9:30 PM


See you there.

Stay up,
Dujeous crew



30 12 2008

Welcome to Week 7 of NO CLEARANCE.


Last week, DUJEOUS and the legendary Peanuts Gang brought you some holiday spirit with “Slay Bells” (download HERE if you slept). For this week’s special New Year’s installment in our series of FREE downloads, DUJEOUS and the late Jeff Buckley linked up to sum up the past 12 months:

“The Recap (So Real)”
Click on the song title above to download for FREE,

Please download, pass it on, look back, and look forward.


Meanwhile, Dujeous will bringing their explosive live show back to the LES in 2009:

Saturday, January 10
@ The Annex
152 Orchard St. (b/t Rivington & Stanton)
New York, NY
Showtime: 9:30 PM

See you there.

Stay up,
Dujeous crew


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15 04 2009

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